Capped Bust Half Dimes

The Capped Bust Half Dimes represented the third series for the denomination, introduced following a lengthy gap in production. The series was ultimately only produced for a limited number of years from 1829 until 1837. With fairly high mintages and no significant key dates, completing a full set is an achievable goal for collectors.

Capped Bust Half Dime

The design for the coins was the same one that had been used on the largest sized silver denominations. The head of Liberty was depicted on the obverse. She had long curling hair partially covered by a cap inscribed "Liberty" and a partially draped bust. There were thirteen stars surrounding the image, representing the original thirteen states. The date of the coin appeared below.

On the reverse was a version of a bald eagle, which had also appeared on earlier coinage. The eagle had a shield at its chest and grasped in its talons an olive branch and three arrows. A scroll above contained the motto "E Pluribus Unum" with the further inscription "United States of America" above and the denomination expressed below.

This site includes additional information about the Capped Bust Half Dimes and provides a selection of coins available for sale. Enjoy building your collection of this historic series.